• We have specialized bottling equipment for honey.

  • Big or small, we fill them all.

  • Save time not having to fill jars manually by hand.

  • Save money! We do not charge extra for filling.

  • No waste. We can sell our honey by weight regardless of the quantity or container.

  • You are supporting a local farmer.

Honey Weight Conversion

Honey in the USA is measured and sold by weight. Empty containers you purchase from online retailers, or stores, are marked with their water weight capacities in fluid ounce weight (fl oz). Since honey is indeed heavier than water, one must be cautious when calculating the size of containers and amount of honey to purchase. Honey is approxiately 1.5 times the weight of water. Use our handy Honey Weight Conversion Calculator below to determine the approxiate weight in pounds prior to your purchase.


SIZE OF JAR (US fl oz)


* This Honey Weight Conversion calculator is to be used as a cost estimating tool only. The ‘POUNDS OF HONEY’ weight is rounded up to the nearest whole US pound weight. Actual honey weight will be accurately determined for each specific jar prior to filling and customer will be responsible to pay only for the actual weight of the honey filled into jars.


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