Inese Bunch, founder and beekeeper of Bunch Farms, LLC was born in Latvia.  Inese comes from a long family tradition of farming.  She came to the USA in June 2007.  After graduating from Florida International University in the Spring of 2011 with her Bachelors Degree, she decided to pursue her family tradition of farming in the USA.

Honey bees have always amazed me with their devotion, hard work, and intellect. – Inese

Inese made a decision to start a honey bee farm with a mission of becoming a source of local raw honey to the community. Prior to acquiring honey bee colonies, Inese read plenty of books about honey bees, their biology, and different beekeeping practices. Once she felt she was ready, the honey bee colonies were purchased and brought to property. That is when the real work began. It was challenging at first and it took many stings to learn how to work with honey bees without accidentally harming them. Inese also quickly learned through her observations, that it is best to let honey bees do what they deem necessary when it comes to colony growth. As a result, a decision was made to grow the farm organically along with the pace of honey bee colonies – slowly, but consistently.

Bunch Farms apiary at its conception. Come and see how much we have grown!

Bunch Farms started with just a few honey bee colonies and lots of determination to grow and produce the Best Honey in Miami!