Inese Bunch, Managing Member

Inese Bunch, founder and beekeeper of Bunch Farms, LLC was born in Latvia.  Inese comes from a long family tradition of farming.  She came to the USA in June 2007.  After graduating from Florida International University in the Spring of 2011 with her Bachelors Degree, she decided to pursue her family tradition of farming in the USA.  Inese is a certified Master Beekeeper by the University of Florida.

Jason Bunch, Managing Member

Jason Bunch, a Miami native, is happily married to the founder of Bunch Farms, LLC.  His wife has been an integral part of his life with her beekeeping.  She balanced his rigorous work hours with outdoor farming activities.  His true love for farming is in fruit bearing trees.  During his time off away from the trees, he helps with a lot of the physical work involved in the beekeeping side of Bunch Farms, assisting Inese as her right hand.

Bunch Farms

Bunch Farms, LLC is a family within itself.  Our trees, our bees, our family!  We are all one big happy bunch!