Bunch Farms Pure Raw Honey

Bunch Farms’ honey is a spoonful of healthy and nutritious sweetness with a touch of Florida’s sunshine!

Here, at Bunch Farms, our most prized product is our delicious pure, raw, unfiltered honey. It comes from the local floral sources. We strive to provide our bees with rich and diverse nectar sources throughout most of the year.

Diverse nectar sources are responsible for the variety in taste and color of our delicious honey. Depending on the season and the main flowering source, the honey taste and color changes with the seasons. Naturally, honey is full of vitamins, minerals, and pollen grains from these various blooms and, when consumed regularly, it helps with the allergies and strengthens the body’s immune system. Therefore, we do not pressure filter or heat our honey to ensure that all the beneficial properties are not lost.

We take pride in our product and are very pleased to say that our honey is 100% US made. In addition, we went the extra mile to make sure our queen-line glass jars, lids, and labels are all American made as well!

Is it organic?

Although Bunch Farms’ honey is not certified “Organic,” it is harvested in a careful manner and is not altered in any way in order to preserve all the valuable properties of raw honey.

Most “Organic” store honeys are imported from other countries and are certified “Organic” by a Certifying Agent (private, foreign, or State entity) that has been accredited by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

However, in the United States the National Organic Program is still in the process of developing the organic practice standards for honey produced within the United States.

According to the USDA AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) Department,

USDA organic regulations currently recognize only four categories of organic foods. These are crops, livestock products, processed products, and wild crops, none of which include honey.

You can read this information on the USDA AMS website here and here.

Remember, honey is a seasonal product. Therefore, please contact us directly to inquire about the availability of our delicious honey or if you wish to place an order for party favors. Also, we are very involved in our local community, always willing to attend local events and offer our honey for tasting!


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