How To

As a beginner beekeeper, acquiring the wooden ware to build your very own first hive can be quite exciting! However, it can also be a bit intimidating, if you have no idea where to begin and what supplies are required to successfully assemble a hive. There are many different types of hives out there but the most widely used hive in the U.S. is the Langstroth hive. It is rather simple in design and can be assembled without having any carpentry experience. Just like there are many types of hives, there are also different types of frames. This hive frame assembly requires the knowledge of how to use pneumatic tools. Always be careful when using tools and use eye and ear protection! Follow our step-by-step photo guides below to see how to assemble hive body and frames.

In this assembly guide we are assembling a box joint hive body (used by honey bees for brood raising). However, to assemble supers (used for honey storage), follow the same exact steps.

This step-by-step guide we will show you how to assemble a groove top and bottom type of frame. The process can be made easier if you have constructed a frame assembling jig. However, since not everyone will have one available, we are going to assemble the frames without it.


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