Bunch Farms, LLC

Bunch Farms Honeybees and Queen Honeybee on a comb

What We Do 

Bunch Farms is a family owned farm in sunny South Florida.  We specialize in raw honey production.  We provide a chemical and pesticide-free bee-friendly environment and abundant floral resources for our bees to promote healthy honey production.

Our Mission

To supply our consumers with fresh, raw wildflower honey which is harvested in a chemical and pesticide-free environment and is never heated or pressure-filtered and, therefore, has not lost its beneficial properties.

Our Apiary

Bunch Farms’ Apiary is located in Miami-Dade County, in Kendall. The location of the farm is within other agricultural properties, like orchards and nurseries. Such location provides abundant floral sources to ensure good honey production and reduces the risk of losing colonies or contaminating honey as a result of chemical and pesticide sprays, which are common in large monocultural areas.