Worker Honey bee visits more than 2,000 flowers a day!
Queen honey bee will lay approximately 2,000 eggs a day.
One ounce of honey will fuel a honey bee’s flight around the world!
A healthy colony may contain up to 60,000 to 80,000 honey bees.

Pure raw honey from our hives to your table!

Bunch Farms specializes in pure raw wildflower honey production. Our honey comes from various floral sources, ranging from vibrant urban environments to peaceful nature preserves, such as the Everglades.

Our mission is to supply our consumers with fresh, pure raw wildflower honey which is harvested in a chemical free environment and is never heated or pressure-filtered and, therefore, has not lost its beneficial properties.

Being a Beekeeper

Ancient cave drawings serve as a testimony that beekeeping is probably one of the oldest known professions. Honey gatherers and beekeepers were well respected for their skill. The desire for the sweet taste of honey prompted humans to observe and study honey bees and their behavior.

Community Service

Bunch Farms is committed to support and participate in service projects around the local neighborhoods and the community in which it serves. We look forward to building new connections and maintaining close relationships with our community. It is important for us to stay loyal to those who support our endeavors, whether they are our neighbors, customers, or fellow beekeepers.

Bunch Farms Pure Raw Honey

Honey, considered to be food of gods, is an all-natural sweet substance produced by honey bees from the nectar of various plants. It is the healthiest sweetener in the world and does not ever expire!